Packing 2 WebThe largest part of our business is wholesale. We provide produce to many of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in Maine. Our customers share and exemplify our philosophies of quality and service.

We offer free wholesale delivery from Freeport to Wells every Tuesday and Friday afternoons year round. To discuss specifics, please consider quantities of the various vegetables you will require and call:

Lisa Turner – 207-841-8385

After discussing our products and your needs generally, we will schedule a meeting at your restaurant or at the farm to discuss your needs and to review our detailed product and price lists as well as seasonal availability of various products.

Whether you are a consumer or chef, treat yourself and dine at all of the fine establishments who sell and serve our vegetables.  You deserve it!


Fore Street Restaurant, Portland

Street & Co., Portland

Scales, Portland

Fire & Company, Portland

Tipo, Portland

Local Sprouts, Portland

The Boathouse, Kennebunkport

Tides Beach Club, Kennebunkport

Earth at Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport

The Burleigh at Kennebunkport Inn, Kennepunkport

Local 188, Portland

Eventide Oyster Co., Portland

The Honey Paw, Portland

Hugo’s, Portland

Old Port Sea Grill, Portland

Retail Outlet:

Royal River Natural Foods, Freeport