Everyone would like to think that farming is an idyllic profession free of disagreements. Well, the reality is that opinions are politics, everyone has opinions, and not all opinions are the same.

Right now, here in Maine, there is no shortage of public “advocacy” by non-profit groups claiming to be working for farms. Unfortunately, with most of these groups, when you look at their membership and boards of directors you see that there is not a farmer to be found.  Farming and food have become the go-to marketing tool for non-profits whose mission statements have absolutely nothing to do with either farming or food.  Unfortunately the Federal government and foundations who have dumped tens of millions of dollars into supporting these groups in Maine over the last 7several years have yet to figure out how much damage they are doing by funding these groups.

Farmer’s opinions need to be considered by those claiming to be advocating on our behalf.

We believe that it is important for our customers to have an opportunity to understand some of the political forces that are being imposed on farms in Maine today, and to understand our opinions of some of the issues raised by those forces.  Part of CSA is to connect the public with farmers so everyone can better understand how farming fits into “community” today.

We welcome everyone’s feedback on this section of the site. We believe that these issues need to be brought into the light and discussed or we can never find policies that will really will help families trying to make a living by farming.

The Bottom Line:

If you want to support local farms, then buy local farm products from farmers who own the land where they grow your food.  While your support for non-profits, including land trusts, may make you think you are helping, the truth is that kind of support only hurts the people who took out mortgages to invest, who pay taxes, and who work hard with no other support than the revenue from the sale of their farm products.

Buy Local From Family Owned Farms!