March 28

Maine State Guidance – For everyone who has visited us in the last week and a half, you’ve seen what we’ve changed. These documents are why we’ve changed what we’ve changed.

UMAINE Cooperative Extension: Agriculture

Maine Food System Guidance

Maine Farm Stand Guidance

We want to thank the people at the University of Maine. Of that giant set of amazing people, the folks we most often interact with are those of Cooperative Extension. There are too many people to thank each one individually, but this group has really performed on behalf of Maine people under the leadership of Dr. Hannah Carter, Dean of UMAINE Cooperative Extension.

The same is true for the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. In that group, the people we interact with most often are in the Bureau of Agriculture. Here too, these folks have performed above and beyond under the leadership of Nancy McBrady, Director, Bureau of Agriculture.

And then there’s the CDC. We’ve never had occasion to interact directly with the Maine CDC. Thankfully, the people at the University and Bureau of Agriculture are in regular and direct contact with the CDC, and the guidelines I’ve linked above were created because of this coordination.

There is an old joke that, when you hear “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you.” you should run away. NOT TRUE for the University and Bureau of Agriculture. These organizations are why we have developed the vibrant local food system that we have, over the last 30+ years, and it’s because of these people that the our food system will continue to thrive when this is all said and done. Please remember this the next time you hear that the legislature has decided to cut their budgets again. In fact, be proactive. The people of Maine need to rally behind these people and provide the funding so that they can rebuild some of their lost capacity to be even better prepared when this happens the next time; because this will happen again.