March 23

Farm Update –

I believe it is a fundamental part of Buddhism to assume that everyone is always doing the best that they can.  It’s a lovely sentiment.  I will add to that, sometimes the best that Ralph and I can do is woefully inadequate.

Portland Pickup –

We had said that we would make bags with your choices, but we realize that we just can’t manage dealing with the choices for all of you.  We WILL bring you a pre-made bag if you would like, or you can make a trip to the farm and get your choices.  IF YOU WANT A BAG DELIVERED TO PORTLAND YOU MUST REPLY TO THIS EMAIL BY TUESDAY (TOMORROW, MARCH 24) AT NOON.  If not, we will assume you are coming to Freeport.  If you are not a Winter CSA member, you can order a small, medium, or large bag.                 Small, $30;    Medium, $38;       Large $45   Cash or check.

And, the pickup location has changed.  We will have the PICKUP IN THE PARKING LOT BEHIND LOCAL 188 AND THE GORHAM SKI AND BIKE SHOP AT 685 CONGRESS STREET.   Hours will be the somewhat shorter, 5 to 6:30 pm.

We understand that there have been shortages at the grocery stores, and we have ordered in some other items from other local farms.  These will be for sale at the farm, and WE WILL TAKE ORDERS FOR PORTLAND for these extra items, also by noon tomorrow.  You can pay by cash or check.  If you are currently a Winter CSA member and are having trouble making ends meet right now, you can order on credit.  

We have:

Our Eggs – $5/dozen, supply limited

Fairwinds Farm:  All $4 for a one pound bag
     Soldier Beans
     Kidney Beans
     Pinto Beans
     Yellow Eye Beans
     Jacobs Cattle Beans

Luce’s Meats:
        Sausage  $8/lb
               Sweet Italian
          Bacon   $8/lb
          Bone In Pork Chops – $6/lb
          Hamburger – $7/lb
          Stew Beef – $7/lb
          Rib Eye Steak – $12/lb

Just email your order for a Portland delivery.

Check the Home Page for the hours this week since they may change.