June 24

Farm Update –
We have some pick-your-own strawberries that are ready to go.  You can have them as a CSA pick, or pay for them.  We don’t have tons of them, so if you want to go pick a lot of strawberries to make jam or to freeze we’re probably not the right place for you, but if you just want to have some fun with the kids (or without them) just wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.  We do have strawberries for sale from various nearby farms and you can make life easy and just buy some.  They do not count as part of the CSA.

If you can’t get to the CSA Pick Up –
You can always send a friend or you can take up to a half share additional per week in order to make up for any missed pick ups.  And remember, there are five days every week that you can come do your pick up.

Freeport Hours –
You can come do your CSA pickup during any of the times we are open.  You can go to either Freeport or Portland, and you can change from week to week.  We don’t need to know, just go at your convenience

             Tuesday through Friday       8 to 10 for seniors; 10 to 6 for everyone
             Saturday                               8 to 4 for everyone

We will continue to harvest and wash more vegetables every day throughout the week, so no matter when you get here there should be a full selection to choose from.  

Portland Pick Up –
This will be the same, Wednesday from 3 to 5:30 in the 4th floor of the Drummond Woodsum parking garage on Marginal Way.  If you’re signed up for Portland and can’t get there, feel free to come to Freeport.  If you signed up for Portland but have decided you’d rather come to the farm, please let us know so we can better plan what to bring to Portland.  If the shortened time in Portland makes it impossible for you, please let us know.

Additional Vegetables – 
Because we now have a farm stand, we have started carrying a number of additional vegetables that are staples but that we don’t have from our farm right now, including things like onions and sweet potatoes.  You will be able to purchase these extra items when you pick up your share, but the share is just Laughing Stock Farm vegetables, the same as it’s always been.  The products we buy in are all either local or organic or both.

When you come to the farm –
Please be sure to PULL ALL THE WAY INTO A PARKING SPACE.  Everyone needs the room in the middle to be able to back out of their space and leave.  If you haven’t pulled all the way in, you greatly increase your risk of someone hitting your car.

Other Additional Products – 
In order to provide our Farm Stand customers with as many products as possible for a one stop shopping experience, we have added many other products, and intend to be adding more as time goes on.  You can purchase any of these products whenever you’d like.  They are not part of the CSA Share.  Initially, we will not bring them to Portland, but we hope to add these things to the Portland pick up in the near future.

   Bread – from Standard Baking – Country Boule (sourdough white bread),
                                                       Maine 5-Grain (sourdough multi-grain), and
                                                       Normandy (white sandwich bread)

   Pork – Breakfast Sausage, Sweet Italian Sausage, Chorizo, Bacon, Pork Chops
   Chicken – Whole Roasters, Leg and Thigh Quarters, Boneless Skinless Breast, Chicken Sausage
   Beef – Sirloin Tip Steak, Fajita Strips, Rib Eye, T-bone, Stew, and Hamburger

   Apples from Ricker Hill Orchards and frozen Blueberries from Blue Barrens Farm and strawberries from various local farms

   Cheese – a variety of cheeses from Silvery Moon Creamery, 
                   Cheddar and Monterey Jack from Pineland Farms,  and
                   Chevre and Feta from Sunset Acres in Brooksville

    Dry Beans and Popcorn from Fairwinds Farm

    Eggs from our chickens and from Mainely Poultry in Warren.  We’ve got PLENTY of EGGS!

    Milk, Cream, Half and Half, Butter, and Ice Cream from Smiling Hill Farm

The prices are pretty darn good, and you can get more or your shopping done on your trip to the farm.

Pork Shares  
We are full on pork shares for the time being.  There may be more available in the fall, depending on how the pigs size up.

See you soon (from at least a 6 foot distance), Lisa & Ralph