Fermented Products

Going back many generations, our heritage is from northern Europe.  This may have something to do with our affinity for fermented vegetables.  What we know as sauerkraut comes from a technique that was developed a very long time ago, by people all over the northern latitudes when refrigeration and global transportation were not possible.  The science behind this fermentation, and how to do it safely, is now very well understood.

For the last several winters our friends at Local Sprouts in Portland have helped make this possible for us.  From January to March we rent their kitchen once a week when they are normally closed so that we can slice and pack the vegetables into the fermenters, and pack the finished products into canning jars for storage.  In the mean time, Local Sprouts makes a shelf available for the fermenters to sit on while the magic happens.

Currently we make 5 products:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Red sauerkraut
  • Fermented red turnip
  • Fermented daikon and carrot
  • Kimchi – OK, so kimchi originated in Korea, and not northern Europe, but who doesn’t love it.  Ours is on the milder side, so we like to call it “gringo” kimchi.  (We also love our mixed metaphors.)

These Laughing Stock Farm grown and made products, packed in pint jars, are available as choices at each CSA pick up year round.  Each year we distribute almost 500 pints, so it seems we are not alone in our appreciation for them.