Summer Jobs

Short Season: May/June Through August:

We will be hiring a number of summer-only employees this year.  While this is a perfect job for a high school or college student, others may be interested as well.  This is a job with a high-earning potential – you will get 35 to 40 hours of work nearly every week.  We understand that there are family vacations, college orientations, and the like that may require days off, and that is not a problem as long as we know ahead of time.

Description: The Work Is General Farm Labor Which May Include:

Everything necessary for the “summer” operation of the business,
Starting and tending seedlings,
Soil prep and maintenance,
Installation, maintenance, moving, and dismantling of season extension structures,
Installing, moving, operating, and dismantling irrigation equipment,
Washing, grading, and packing,
Grounds maintenance,
Other tasks as required.

Requirements: You Must Be Able To:

Pass the driving record check (If you are over 21),
Work amicably and efficiently with others,
Show up on time and ready to work,
Perform repetitive tasks quickly, while maintaining product quality,
Work unsupervised in an efficient manner,
Meet productivity requirements for various tasks,
Remember what you’ve been taught over the season,
Work in bent and/or crouched position for extended periods,
Lift 50 lbs. repeatedly,
Work with hands immersed in cold water for extended periods,
Climb ladders,
Put tools away and do area clean-ups daily,
And perform various other tasks as directed.


Wages are competitive and commensurate with experience.  We have full season and summer only positions available.  Some housing is available, but preference will be given to those staying for the full season.


If you are interested in a summer farm job, please send a short (1 to 2 page) resume with the words “Summer Farm Job” at the top.  This should include a brief cover note or email explaining what you are interested in doing for us, as well as a resume with references.  The resume should include specifics about your past jobs, the start and end dates that you were employed, what your job responsibilities were, and the names and contact information for at least 2 of the people you reported to as well as any other people you are using as references.

Send Inquiries With the Above Information To: