Full Season Farm Apprentice/Employee

We hire full season employees and make available various apprenticeship training and education opportunities to everyone.  Whether you choose to take part in the apprenticeship opportunities is entirely up to you.  Please note that these are paid positions.  Your pay will be hourly and commensurate with your experience.  Our wage scale is the same for all those who commit to a full season.

Please follow these links to our Housing, Apprentice, and Politics pages and read this information carefully to make sure that you feel comfortable applying for an apprenticeship at Laughing Stock Farm. We are certified organic, and we take the certification process very seriously.  We view farming as a socially responsible business and our goal is to produce the best tasting fresh food we can at a reasonable price for our local community.

Description. The Work Generally May Include:

Everything necessary for the operation of the business,
Starting and tending seedlings,
Soil prep and maintenance,
Equipment operation and maintenance,
Installation, maintenance, moving, and dismantling of season extension structures,
Installing, moving, operating, and dismantling irrigation equipment,
Washing, grading, and packing,
Delivering, manning the farm stand, and working the CSA farm and off-site pick-ups,
Tending and maintaining chickens and pigs,
Grounds maintenance,
Supervision, once you have mastered a given task,
Record keeping for yourself and your work crew,
Other tasks as required.


Farming is a 24 hour/day, 365 day/year business.  Your normal workdays are Monday through Friday.  Everyone who works on the farm is required to share in the normal weekend work of opening and closing greenhouses for ventilation, feeding and watering the animals, watering seedlings, and anything else that needs to be maintained.  Each person will take 1 weekend in a rotation among the full crew.  You should expect to commit to 1 weekend about every 4 weeks depending on the number of employees.

Requirements – You Must Be Able To:

Commit to a minimum of 45 hours per week,
Commit to the full season from April through November,
Be able to perform basic math,
Organize yourself and others efficiently.
Pass the driving record check,
Work amicably and efficiently with others,
Show up on time and ready to work,
Perform repetitive tasks quickly,
Work unsupervised in an efficient manner,
Meet productivity requirements for various tasks,
Remember what you’ve been taught over the season,
Work in bent and/or crouched position for extended periods,
Lift 50 lbs repeatedly,
Work with hands immersed in cold water for extended periods,
Climb ladders,
Put tools away and do area clean-ups daily,
And perform various other tasks as directed.

Apprentice Education

An apprenticeship is NOT a passive spectator activity!  You will be expected to be efficient and productive.  You will only get out of it what you put into it.  An apprenticeship includes the opportunity to learn more than just the routine work that you are assigned.  We will share whatever we know that you want to learn in informal evening dinners where the topics are selected and scheduled by the apprentices.  Topics we’ve covered in the past include marketing, farm planning and management, soil maintenance, irrigation, equipment maintenance, greenhouse construction and maintenance, winter growing, energy management, and many more.  It’s up to you.

In addition to the opportunities on the farm, there are evening “twilight” meetings hosted by Cooperative Extension and MOFGA at other area farms that you are welcome to attend.

All evening sessions are “off the clock”.


If you are interested in an apprenticeship, please send a short (1 to 2 page) resume with the words “Farm Apprentice” at the top.  This should include a brief cover note or email explaining what you are interested in learning from us as you work, as well as a resume with references.  The resume should include specifics about your past jobs, the start and end dates that you were employed, what your job responsibilities were, and the names and contact information for at least 2 of the people you reported to as well as any other people you are using as references.

Send Inquiries With the Above Information To: