2017/18 Winter Pickup Dates

November 1

November 15

November 29

December 13

January 3

January 17

January 31

February 14

February 28

March 14

March 28

April 11

We try to pick the days so that they do not coincide with holidays and school vacations.  Note that the pickups are twice a month, not every 2 weeks, so there is a three week gap between some pickups.

In the event of a severe winter storm we will postpone pickups since we don’t think you should have to risk your lives to get your vegetables.  They’re really good, but not that good.  Pickups are never cancelled, so you can be sure you will get the full share on the make-up dates.

Where to go:

In Freeport at the farm enter the barn through the side door.

In Portland at Drummond Woodsum park on the 3rd floor of the garage and go to the 3rd floor elevator lobby.