Summer Share Pricing

2018 Summer CSA Share Sizes and Prices

Follow this link to the 2018 Summer Order Form

Vegetable and Flower Shares

This year we have 4 vegetable share sizes to try to meet everyone’s needs.  Pick your own flowers at part of your share, and do not count as a “pick.” Flowers are available from mid July through mid September. Pricing is as follows:

  • Large share – about 11 items per week for $675.  Typically good for a family who usually eats at home.
  • Medium share – about 9 items per week for $565.  Typically good for a family who buys lunches or eats out once or twice a week, or a couple who usually eats at home.
  • Small share – about 7 items per week for $450.  Typically good for a couple who buys lunches or eats out once or twice a week, or a single person who usually eats at home.
  • Extra Small share – about 5 items per week for $335.  New this year for single person who wants a farm share, the gardener who wants to supplement their garden, or someone on a tight budget.
  • Please deduct $25 from the prices listed above if your share is paid in full by March 1st, 2017.
  • Please deduct $25 for each new member you bring into our CSA.
    • Please limit your deductions to the full value of your CSA share.

This year we will also have our egg shares and pork shares:

Egg Shares – SOLD OUT for 2018

  • Egg Share – A dozen eggs per week of summer CSA (about 20 dozen) for $125
  • Egg Half Share – A dozen eggs every other week of summer CSA (about 10 dozen) for $65

Pork Shares –

  • Pork Share – $10.00/lb.; about 30 lbs., with a $150 non-refundable deposit
    • The pricing for the pork share includes the additional cost of making the sausage, bacon and ham.
  • Side – $9.50/lb.; about 100 lbs., with a $450 non-refundable deposit
  • Whole Hog – $9.00/lb.; about 200 lbs., with a $900 non-refundable deposit.
    • The prices listed above for Side and Whole Hog are based on finished package weight.  Other farms may show you a lower price per lb., but these are often based on the carcass “hanging weight” which includes bone, fat, skin, and parts that will not be returned to you in the finished packages.
    • For the Side and Whole Hog shares, we’ll coordinate with you to have you fill out the “Cut Sheets” to get your share cut, processed, and packaged exactly the way you want.  The per pound price of the share above includes cutting, vacuum packaging, and freezing per your direction.  The per pound price does NOT include the additional costs for sausage making, curing, and smoking since you will determine what and how much you may want to have processed.  These costs will be passed to you with no mark-up.  For estimating, assume about $1.50 per lb. of meat made into sausage, linked, cured, and/or smoked.

Click here to down load our 2018 Summer Order Form.  Print it, Fill it out, and mail it in with your non-refundable deposit.