Summer Share

For more info e-mail  If you’re ready to sign up, follow this link to open the .pdf file for the Summer Order Form.

For our Summer CSA

  • Follow this link for pick up details; and save it in your smart phone
  • Pick up either in Portland or Freeport, both with plenty of easy parking
    • Freeport Pick up Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday
    • Portland Pick up Wednesday
  • Make your own bag your way – with plenty of selections offered each week
  • Pick ups are every week from early June through mid October

The “Choice” CSA

We let you make your own bag by choosing from the list of “picks” like 1 head of lettuce, 1 lb of tomatoes, or 1 bunch of chard.  There are usually 1 or 2 things that are included as part of every share, like “1 lb of green beans” if we picked a lot of them that week, but for the most part you can choose whatever you like, and usually you can take multiple picks of an item you like to make up your share.  Typically, a small share gets 7 items, a medium share gets 9, and a large share gets 11, although that varies over the season.  You choose the share size when you sign up, and then choose what you get in your bag each week.  And!  You don’t have to pick up at the same place or on the same day each week.

So, you choose what, when, and where with our CSA.  The who is you.  The why just seems obvious, Laughing Stock Farm is the Choice CSA.

*Very early in the season the choices are likely to be limited, but we give you as much choice as possible as soon as possible.

What If You Miss A Pick Up? – We want you to get the full value of your share, and we DON’T want to make up boxes that will just go to waste.  So, if you miss a pickup day you can make it up later at your convenience.  You can take up to half of your share extra each week until your share is made up.  Say, for example, you go on vacation for 2 weeks, or you have to go away for 2 weeks on a business trip.  When you get back you can take an extra half share for the next 4 weeks until you come out even.

Season –

Every year is a little different, but we always start in early June and run through mid October.

Our Guarantee –

In Laughing Stock Farm’s summer CSA you can count on getting the full value for your dollar every summer regardless of the weather. Because we have a large wholesale business in addition to the CSA, we are able to adjust our wholesale sales to make sure the CSA is always provided for.  For more than 20 years, or CSA members have always received the full value of their share.

And Free Flowers at the Farm!

Because we have nearly an acre of peonies, you will get peonies when they are ready in June as part of your share.  Starting around mid July the annual flowers will be ready and you can pick your own fresh flowers at the farm during any of the hours we are open. Everything else is picked for you, so it’s less work for you.

More Than Vegetables and Flowers –

Visit these pages for information on our new Pork shares and Egg shares.

To SIGN UP For Our Summer CSA –

Follow this link to open the .pdf file for the Summer Order Form. Print one, fill it out and return it to the address on the form with your non-refundable 50% deposit. When our membership limit is reached, we will return deposits and maintain a waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis in case anyone drops out. Your summer membership balance is due by June 1st every year unless other arrangements have been made.

Remember, as described in our What is CSA page, our CSA revenue is our seasonal startup money.  Without these funds we have to borrow for our spring costs like seed, fertilizer and labor.  So please sign up and make your payments as early as possible.

 Continue Through the Winter –

Get priority in signing up for our popular Winter CSA Shares. Our summer members get first choice because our growing space is so limited in the winter. As our winter share continues to grow, we are always planning new ways to make our greenhouses as productive as possible to keep up with the demand, but because we are a business, each season will determine whether and how quickly we can grow the business.