Egg Share

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Once again this year we will have a flock of 60 laying hens.  Our current hen house space is limited, so we can’t have more than that and still keep them according to the best practices.  As with the pigs, the hen house and fence is movable so they can have fresh pasture periodically.  Again, as with the pigs, the pasture forage is supplemented with organic layer pellets to maintain their nutrition for optimal egg quality and yields.  As always, they also have their free choice of trimmings and scraps from the grading process.  Due to the limitations on the size of the flock, we will limit the number of shares so that we can be sure that everyone gets their share of the eggs.  Any excess production will be sold by the dozen at CSA pickups at the farm, but we cannot guarantee we will always have eggs for sale.

A share is 1 dozen eggs for each summer share pickup.  We will also offer a half egg share which is a dozen eggs every other week.

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