We publish an email newsletter for each CSA pickup.  Subscribers receive these updates every week from June through October and twice a month from November through April.  The newsletter includes:

  1. Updates of what’s happening on the farm.  Since we operate all year round, the farm activities vary greatly over the course of the year.  This is the best way to connect with what it takes to grow the food you enjoy all year long.
  2. A reminder of the pickup locations and times that the pickup is available.
  3. Important reminders about the pick ups.
  4. Recipes using some of the vegetables available at the time of the pickup.  These will mostly be recipes submitted by CSA members.  Since we grow specialty vegetables for many great restaurants, many CSA members may not be familiar with some of the vegetables or how to cook them, so please let us know what you’re doing with the vegetables.

How to Subscribe?

Join the CSA – When you join the CSA we ask you to provide your email address and other contact information.  This is especially important since this is how we get the newsletter to you.  We enter this email address into our mail list and it becomes the primary way that we get information to you about your CSA share.

Subscribe On Line – Very often other family members or people splitting a CSA share also want to get the newsletter.  You can sign up as many people for the newsletter as you want.  In fact, you do not need to be a CSA member to subscribe to our newsletter.  We currently have about 3 times more subscribers than we have CSA shares.

It’s taken us a very long time to get this going, but you can subscribe to the newsletter right here:

Click Here to Subscribe

When you sign up using this link, an email will be sent to the email address entered in the form with a link to click on to confirm that the person who belongs to that email address really does want to subscribe.  Check your email, open the confirmation email, click on the confirmation link, and that’s it!  You will get the emails starting with the next newsletter.

Sign Up a Friend – You can sign up a family member or friend using the method above.  Just remember that the person you sign up will need to open the confirmation email and click the confirmation link to activate their subscription.

Update Your “profile”, or email Address

You can update your information by following this Update link, which will also be in each newsletter.  Remember that your email address is THE primary way that we will communicate with you.  Every once in a while (actually several times a year) someone’s email address fails to work.  This is usually the result of simple typing errors but sometimes people change jobs or email services and forget to update their address with us.  When we send the newsletter to a non-existent email address we get a notification that the address is not valid.  This is why we ask for your phone number and email address.  We need a way to contact you in case the email stops working for some reason.  For these reasons it is important that the profile be updated if there are any changes.

The best way to update your email address or other contact information is to follow the link in one of the newsletters to the update form.


Of course you can unsubscribe any time you want by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each newsletter.  It’s as simple as that.  There will be no questions asked and no follow ups.  Please be careful and make sure you really do want to unsubscribe.  Our mail service does not allow us to re-enter any address that has been unsubscribed.


We are using the Mailchimp service.  We believe this service to be above board and fair.  We will not share or sell our list to anyone for any reason ever!