Why Is This Happening: As a result of the Federal and State Direction for everyone to follow “social distancing”, our restaurant customers closed for several months.  In response to this we have opened a Farm Store at the farm to make sure the food we’ve grown doesn’t go to waste; and to generate cash flow to make our farm sustainble. Please FOLLOW THIS LINK to understand how the changes to our farm came to be as a result of the COVID19 emergency.

Please note that we are following all guidance from the Maine Governor, Federal and Maine CDC, Maine DACF, as well as UMAINE and Cooperative Extension. 

We urge everyone to be very cautious, follow these sources, and be VERY careful about information from random NGOs and non-profit organizations.  In many cases NGOs and nonprofits use situations like this as much or more to raise money as to disseminate objective information.  In our opinion, you can and should trust your Maine State resources FIRST.