We cultivate and pasture about 8 acres at our 15 acre farm on Wardtown Road (Route 125) in Freeport.  We call this the “home farm.”  This is our base of operations.  The is the place where we have lived and raised our family over the last 35 years.  In this image you can see the current state of the production field layout, the locations of the greenhouses, the barn which houses the CSA pick up area and the shop, the walk-in cooler, the wash station, etc., etc…

Home Farm

In addition to our home farm, we farm on another piece of land in Freeport that we lease from the Griffin family who are very supportive of what we do and how we take care of their land.  We are very fortunate and thankful to have this kind of support in our community.  These satellite property is an essential part of our pest management program.  By rotating crops from location to location from one year to another we can put a buffer of several miles between any problems that may have developed in the crop and where the crop grows the next year.  This system has allowed us to almost eliminate insect and disease problems.

This is what we call the “Griffin Field” at the corner of routes 125 and 136.  If you visit the farm, and come by way of route 295 you will pass this field.  This is about 5.5 acres of relatively light soil that is almost perfect for growing vegetables.  You will also see a pond that serves as a source of irrigation water which we use sparingly.  It’s great to have the pond when we really need it.

Griffin Field